With the SP33, NUVIA adds yet another ground-breaking detector to its NuDET PLASTIC range of scintillators.

SP 33 NuDET Plastic scintillator



NUVIA has just released its new plastic scintillator, the SP33. Its particular feature is to emit towards longer wavelengths in the green spectrum than other models. It’s the result of close collaboration with NUVIA’s research partner, the CEA LIST (France).

The scintillator matrix is based on polystyrene, like other organic scintillators that NUVIA produces. The point of green emissions is essentially to facilitate use in conjunction with photodiodes and CCD cameras, that have higher efficiency at longer wavelengths

NUVIA is the only company that produces its own scintillators and integrates them into complete detection systems serving the security and health physics markets.
NUVIA is also a proud producer of large physics detectors using plastic scintillators.

For more information, take a look at our NuDET range on this website.