NUVIATech Instruments worldwide product training in Germany

In September 2018, agents and customers from around the world were able to discover key NUVIATech Instruments products, among which the latest innovations.

NUVIAInstruments product training Dulmen

In September 2018, NUVIA organised a major 3 day-long product-training session at NUVIA Instruments headquarters in Dülmen, Germany.

The training was both aimed at European agents and selected customers, on the first day, and at in-house personnel for the other two days. NUVIA teams came from the Czech Republic, Germany, France, China, Canada and India.

The objective? To give them an up-to-date vision of the latest products and innovations, and to give NUVIA staff a clear idea of on-going developments and future solutions.

Training focused on the benefits of NUVIATech Instruments products, insisting on enhancing technical knowledge in order to help our business developers identify new opportunities and promote our solutions. The health physics hands-on training was particularly appreciated, enabling our teams to undertake real radioactive source searches with our leading-edge instruments.