The new DolMo product line

NUVIA is extending its product line under the NUVIATech brand to cover a large field of applications including dose, dose rate and contamination measurements

In combination with our user-oriented accessories, the DolMo product line is the new solution for dose, dose rate and contamination measurements. The compact measurement devices are the ideal instruments for your daily work operations.

The DolMo product line consists of three different main devices: The indication device DolMo 0 and the measurement devices DolMo I and DolMo II.

  • The DolMo 0 serves as an indication device for our large portfolio of external contamination and dose rate probes. Extraordinary highlights are the special detectors such as pipe or corner detectors and the highly sensitive Nal-detectors.
  • The DolMo I with its integrated GM counter tube is specialized for applications in the low dose rate measurement range of 1 μSv/h up to 100 mSv/h. The dose rate is simultaneously displayed to the cumulated dose.
  • The DolMo II is specialized for applications with a higher dose rate measurement range of 10 μSv/h up to 1 Sv/h. The external detectors can be attached to all versions of the DolMo product line.

To have a closer look at our NUVIATech Instruments DolMo, click here.