NuHP CoMo 170

Hand-held contamination monitor

NuHP COMO 170 SEANuHP CoMo 170 is one of to the most modern instruments in the field of surface contamination monitors.

A key advantage of the NuHP CoMo-170 is the innovative detector technology, which does not use any gas-flow or gas-filled detectors at all.

A thin-layer plastic scintillation detector is used. This type of detector is both α and β/γ sensitive. In case of mechanical damage of the detector foil, the detector does not have to be repaired by the manufacturer.

Time consuming and expensive repairs (usual or xenon detectors) are no longer necessary.

Key features

  • Simultaneous and selective α- and β/γ -measurements
  • Illuminated large – area LCD
  • Calibrated key nuclide file with integrated autocalibration
  • Nuclide selection menu, freely definable nuclide preselection possible
  • Cheap and simple repair can be performed by the user

Technical data

Very light instrument (app. 750 g)
Detection area 170 cm²
Integrated measuring value storage (750 records)
Measurement values displayed in cps, Bq, or Bq/cm²

NuHP CoMo Wall station

COMO wall station SEAThe wall station makes it possible to easily check your hands for a definable time (e.g. 5 sec) for contamination. Additionally, the rechargeable batteries inside the CoMo are charged by the wall station.

NuHP CoMo Floor bogey

COMO floor bogey SEATo check large floor surfaces, CoMo can be placed into a floor bogey. Adapted to easily make indoor and outdoor measurements.

NuHP CoMo-170 MF

Stationary contamination monitor

  • Single-hand plastic scintillation detector (170 cm²)
  • Separate wall-mounted electronics with optional 3-level LED lamp
  • Also available with integrated accupack

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