Practical insights into handling radioactive radiation for MTR students from Münster

In the first week of November we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of motivated students from the MTR school at Münster University Hospital (UKM).

The students, in their second year of training, were faced with the exciting challenge of learning how to handle radioactive radiation in practice.

Our experts presented the prospective medical radiology technologists (MTRs) with a selection of our state-of-the-art measuring devices, which have been specially developed for measuring radioactive radiation. The visit was highly interactive, giving the students the opportunity to gain insights into the world of radiation measurement.

A special highlight was the presentation of an exemplary workbench system which is used in hot laboratories in nuclear medicine. The students were given the opportunity to work with the ISOMED 2010 in order to find out how this system is used in practice. In addition, the students were able to search for and detect radiation sources using a CoMo-170 simulation device.

The tour of our company provided the students with lots of information about the various manufacturing processes for our measuring devices. From design to final assembly, the prospective MTRs gained a comprehensive understanding of how our high-precision devices are manufactured.

The students’ enthusiasm for the newly acquired knowledge and the direct practical relevance was palpable. It is our pleasure to contribute to the practical training of future MTRs and to inspire the next generation of medical technology professionals. We would like to thank the UKM MTR School for their visit and look forward to more instructive encounters of this kind in the future.