Integrated Radiation Information System

Picture of the IRIS by NUVIATech Instruments

The IRIS provides continuous radiation measurements synchronized with GPS timing and location. The collected data is ready for mapping and reporting right after a mission.

IRIS can be installed on several types of vehicles. It can be set in a trunk/cargo compartment, roof mounted cargo-rack, in-cabin installation, etc. The standard system comprises of either one (1) or a pair of 1 L, 2 L or 4 L NaI(Tl) detectors; and optionally a high dose GM detector. IRIS is a fully auto-calibrating system with real-time spectrum stabilization on natural radionuclide peaks.

The data acquisition system provides internal data synchronization, real-time calculation procedures, data graphic visualization, etc. The detection unit is supplied in a rugged plastic case, equipped with wheels and a handle.

MCA resolution: 256-2048 channels
Energy range: 30kev – 3MeV
Dose Rate Range: 5nGy/h – 0.2Gy/h
Detectors: Up to two 4 liters NaI(Tl)

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