Alpha and beta scintillators

NuDET AB Alpha And Beta ScintillatorsHigh efficient and reliable ZnS(Ag) alpha, beta and alpha/beta scintillation detector and assemblies for wide variety of applications – surface contamination, air filters, smears and wipe tests.

Available in a variety of shapes and dimensions, completed with PMT (1 1/8” and 2”) and MHV connector.

Manufacture of alpha scintillation chamber (Lucas cell) for Radon measurement with a glass window and gas-tight valves, inner surface covered with ZnS(Ag) scintillator.


Shielding foil: < 1
Alpha luminofor: ZnS(Ag)
Beta luminofor: foil type SPF 32
Wavelength max.: 425 – 465 nm
Max. illumination: 1000 lx

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