Portable Gamma spectrometer Information System

Picture of the PGIS-2Portable Gamma spectrometer Information System is designed for field and mobile gamma spectroscopy surveillance and can be either hand carried or worn as a backpack. The PGIS-2 detection module is equipped with either a 3″x3″ (0.347 L), a 1 L or a 2 L NaI(Tl) detector (with the possibility for other types like BGO and LaBr).

The spectrometer is auto-calibrated and real-time stabilized on natural gamma peaks. The user interface and data acquisition system is Androidâ„¢ mobile device based. Acquired data is automatically synchronized with GPS time and location.

The system provides the user with real-time calculation of the concentration of the selected radionuclide identification according to ANSI 42, survey navigation and data transmission via GSM channel. System enables synchronized multimedia data comments as a photo, video or text.

MCA resolution: 256-2048 channels
Energy range: 30kev – 3MeV
Detector: from 0.347 up to 4 Litres

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