Fixed vehicle radiation monitoring system

FIXIS is a mobile radiation monitoring system designed for fixed installation into vehicles and mobile laboratories.

The system consists of two high sensitive plastic scintillator detectors, NaI(Tl) gamma spectroscopy detector, high dose rate GM module and optionally a solid scintillation neutron detector and weather sensor.

The system provides continuous radiation measurements synchronised with GPS timing and position, whether on the move or at a stationary monitoring location. The detection system is orientation sensitive for effective localisation of contamination or illicit or orphaned radioactive sources.

The acquired data is processed in real time, with the results available during the measurement and ready for mapping and reporting right after deployment.


Energy range:
30 kev – 3 MeV
5 nGy/h – 0.2 Gy/h
2×4 litres NaI(Tl),
1x Neutron LiF6/ZnS detector,
1x GM Energy Compensated Detector

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