Airborne Integrated Radiation Information System

Picture of the AIRISAIRIS is designed for airborne radiation measurement based on gamma spectroscopy. The system can be installed on fixed-wing and helicopter platforms.

The algorithms provide observed data recalculation to the ground level, real-time identification of selected radionuclides, control of aircraft crew safety and intelligent pilot survey guidance. The mission navigation system is integrated with a Pilot Guidance Unit (PGU).

The data acquisition system provides internal data synchronization and real-time calculation procedures with precise positioning.

A rugged laptop with Data Acquisition SW allows the operator to control all survey parameters, real-time spectra and dose rate, map-view navigation, alarms and others.


E-Resolution: <8.5%@662keV
Energy range: 30kev – 3MeV
Range: 5nGy/h – 0.1Gy/h (with GM)
Detectors: Four 4 Litre (=16 Litres) NaI(Tl) gamma detectors

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