Plastic scintillation detectors

NuDET PLASTIC Plastic Scintillator DetectorsPremium plastic scintillation detectors and assemblies designed for wide variety of applications. Thin layers/foils are suitable for detection of protons, electrons and beta particles.

Larger volume detectors are used for measuring gamma radiation.

Detectors can be fixed to the light guide, completed with a photomultiplier or provided as basic detectors with no additional components.

Available in both standard and customised dimensions. 2” PMT with standard 14-pin socket or well type 1 1/8” PMT, complete with voltage divider and MHV connector.


Max. length of blocks: 2000 mm
Max. weight: 60 kg
Standard thickness: 50 and 100 mm
Max. cylinder dimension: 250×250 mm


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