Integrated Multi-Parameter Airborne Console

Picture of the IMPAC in Typical Rack Installation

Typical Rack Installation

The IMPAC is a real-time data acquisition and navigation system designed for airborne and mobile radiation monitoring as well as environmental science applications.

IMPAC is the base of NUVIA Dynamics’ data acquisition for any system configuration.

The system allows direct and easy integration and swapping of any sensor or measurement data system.

Key features

  • Input: Up to 8 cesium Mag sensors
  • Resolution: 0.2 pT (Limited only by sensor)
  • Sampling Rate (internal): 1200 Hz
  • Output: 5-120 Hz
  • Analog Inputs: 8 differential simultaneous sampled, 16 bit resolution
  • Dynamic Range: 15000-100000 nT (Limited only by sensor)
  • Synchronization: GPS-PPS @ 1 µs
  • Compensation (Optional): Flux gate magnetometers or Attitude reference

The IMPAC system can be assembled featuring following configurations:

  • ANAV – Survey navigation with drape profile option; Recorded position and time can be synchronized with third party data.
  • IMPAC – Survey navigation with drape profile option; Data acquisition for variety of sensors.
  • IMPAC-M – Survey navigation with drape profile option; Data acquisition; support of up to 8 Cs magnetic sensors with Magnetic compensation option.

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