Alarm monitor – stationary dose rate monitoring system with external detectors


The NuRMS ALMO alarm monitors are used to monitor radiation dose rates in the laboratoryNuRMS ALMO radiation monitoring systems
production facilities.

The systems consist of a basic device with LCD and electronics, combined with one or more probes and external alarm units.

Depending on the version, it is possible to connect 1, 3 or 6 detectors to the NuRMS ALMO basic device.

The stand-alone NuRMS ALMO-systems can be linked to a superior PC-system for central monitoring and documentation.

  • 3 Models


  • 1/3/6 Probes


Key features

  • ­Microcontroller-based measurement electronics
  • Digital measurement value information on large­ area, illuminated LCD
  • Measurement value display of dose rate with autoranging function
  • Externally connectable detectors (GM tubes, NaI detectors) with integrated high voltage and electronics
  • Automatic detector identifcation, allowing simple replacement of the detector
  • 2 freely definable alarm thresholds per probe
  • Easy­ to­ operate measurement system with user guidance
  • Ergonomically shaped housing, desktop or wall version
  • Various visual/acoustic alarm units can be connected
  • Interfaces for measurement data transfer on external PC-system
  • Software for continuous dose rate measurement, including data storage
  • Also available with integrated battery backup

Technical data

NuRMS ALMO-1 one-channel system, 1 connectable detector

NuRMS ALMO-3 multi-channel system, up to 3 connectable detectors

NuRMS ALMO-6 multi-channel system, up to 6  connectable detectors

Afterloading version

  • Designed for manufacturers of afterloading systems
  • Indication if the therapy source is opened or closed
  • Generally the version with integrated battery backup is used in order to keep the system running in case of a power breakdown
  • An external LED-lamp with 3 levels (red/yellow/green) and a horn element showing the operating status
  • Operation of an electronic interlock available

Built-in version

  • Developed especially for the manufacturers of hot cells and isotope production facilities
  • Integrated in a stainless steel housing with mounting boreholes, installed behind the hot cell cover or in the door of a switch cabinet
  • The front panel with display, operator keyboard and LEDs embedded into the intended cut-outs of the covering or the door to form a flat surface with the outside
  • Essential advantages particularly with regard to clean room conditions

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